Nature Of Employment

Employment with this organization is voluntarily entered into, and the employee is free to resign at will at any time. Similarly, the employer may terminate the employment relationship at will at any time, with or without cause.
These provisions supersede all existing policies and practices and may not be amended or added to without the express written approval of the chief executive officer of this organization.

Employee Relations

The employer believes that the work conditions, wages and benefits it offers to its employees are highly competitive or exceed those offered by other employers in this area and in this industry. If employees have any concerns about work conditions or compensations, they are strongly encouraged to voice these concerns directly to their supervisor.

We believe that the company has amply demonstrated its commitments to responding effectively to all employee concerns. Based on a variable of reasons, including education, responsibilities, experience, skill set, and length of employment. Employees’ compensation may vary. It is understood that similar positions in any work environment can fluctuate in rate of pay from person to person.

Equal Employment Opportunity

This organization is an equal opportunity employer and is firmly committed to prohibiting discrimination on the basis of religion, age, sex, national origin, race, sexual preference, marital status or disability throughout the employment process, from selection through termination, including but not limited to promotions, pay advances, and benefits.

Probationary Period

All new employees are on a 90 day probation/ trial period. These employees are being evaluated to determine whether further employment in a specific position or with the company is appropriate. The employer uses this time to evaluate capabilities, attitude, and work habits. Any significant absence or tardiness will automatically extend this period.

Employment Definitions

This Company hires various employees under different classifications. You may check with the individual whom hired you to confirm your employment classification.

Full Time Employment:

Full-time hourly employees will be those working a minimum of 35 hours per week. Salary employees are expected to work as needed based on their assigned scheduled and demands of their position, it is understood salary employees may exceed 40 hour weeks without additional compensation. These hours may fluctuate up and down as company operations require with no alteration in compensation. All full-time employees are eligible for benefits. From year to year federal regulations may affect the requirements for health benefits. Please confirm with accounting as to eligibility requirements.

Part Time Employment:

Part time employees will be those working under 33 hours per week on average. A part time employee is not eligible for any benefits. Overtime will be paid at the rate of time and 1⁄2 after 40 hours in a given week. It is understood based on operational needs a part time employee may periodically exceed part time hours, to qualify for full time benefits an employee must either have a consistent schedule equal to a full-time employee or over a (90) day period demonstrate they are working full time hours.

Temporary Employment:

Employees hired as interim replacements, to temporarily supplement the work force, or to assist in the completion of a specific project. These employees are considered temporary employees. A temporary employee will not be eligible for any benefits and will be told their employment is temporary upon starting. Should a temporary employee be converted to a regular employee the temporary employment will act as their probationary period if they were temporarily employed for over (90) days.

Office Policies & Terms

Work Schedules

Work schedules for part time employees vary throughout our organization. Supervisors will advise employees of their individual work schedule.
Based on staffing needs and operational demands, variations in starting and ending times, as well as variations in the total hours that employees may be scheduled can be changed at management’s discretion.

Employees are expected to arrive to work (5) minutes prior to their scheduled work time. We are an event company which requires various schedules 7 days a week. If an employee does not want to be considered to work events they can request an Event Exception form. The company will evaluate this request and determine if their current position is omitted, restructured, or altered. All employees must request days off via our scheduling app even if un paid. Those employees that are requested for events will review the event requirements for that day requested in addition to prior trends, this will affect approval for a day off. It is understood that if an employee is already on a client’s contract for the requested day off or previous trends or current event schedule is near capacity this day will be declined unless that of the request is that of the most extreme circumstances and the employee speaks with management PRIOR to putting in the request.


Company closes daily from 12:30- 1:30 m-f for lunch. In the event your responsibilities are time sensitive for that day you may alter your lunch time accordingly to accommodate immediate needs, you must notify the appropriate supervisor and the front desk so we may notify clients or department heads on when to expect you.

Full time team members, are permitted up to an hour for lunch.
Part-time team members, are permitted a (30) minute lunch break when working less than 5 hours per day.

Any employee paid hourly, not salary, must be off the clock during their lunch.

Electronic Monitoring

It is understood that only on an executive level, employer monitors electronically all aspects of the business, including, but not limited to; surveillance cameras, voice mail, e- mail, packages and or paper mail addressed to office. In order to best serve our clients, without notification, executive listening is randomly performed on phone calls. In the event a call is an obvious personal conversation, employer will terminate listening within 2 seconds.

Sexual Advances

At no time should any team member ever make a sexual advance towards any customer, contractor, or employee. This includes, but is not limited to, asking for a personal phone number. This company is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and is not offensive. If any employee feels as if their personal space has been violated or if they feel sexually offended in any way we require your supervisor to be informed immediately. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to this person we recommend finding any other supervisor or request a private emergency meeting with an owner. After a verbal complaint is made, a written summary of what happened will be required. A prompt investigation will be conducted, and the employer will take the appropriate corrective action where it is warranted. Any reports will be dealt with in a strictly confidential manner.

Use Of Cell Phones and Phone System

Cellular phones are to be used on a limited basis and not abused, unless you use your phone for business for this company and are expecting a business-related call. On company time all personal calls are to be strictly limited, unless authorization is given by supervisor. In the event of abuse of the phone system or other communication including but not limited to texting, internet surfing, game playing, video or movie watching and calls, at company’s discretion, a “no personal calls or phone off policy” can be issued to select employees. Including but not limited to, not permitting phone on employees’ person when working.

Use Of The Internet and opening e-mail

The Internet is prohibited from personal use unless prior authorization is given by your supervisor, even if it is on your personal time. You are not permitted to download anything from the web unless pre-approved, as harmless as something may seem it could compromise our entire network. For this reason, you may never open ANY e-mails with attachments unless you can personally acknowledge the sender and it is for business purposes. For the purpose of this policy the term” websites” will include music and video streaming not related to your job responsibilities.

Pay Deductions

The law requires that the employer make certain deductions from every employee’s compensation. Among these are applicable: federal, state, and local income taxes. The employer also must deduct Social Security taxes on each employee’s earnings up to the specified limit; that is called the Social Security “wage base”. The employer matches the amount of taxes paid on each employee as required by law.

The employer offers programs and benefits beyond those required by law. Employees who are eligible and wish to participate in these programs may voluntarily authorize deductions from their checks. If you do not understand why deductions were made or how they were calculated, bookkeeping can assist in having your questions answered.

When We Pay

Company pays every two weeks. All pay checks will be available for employees to pick up on Friday after 4:30pm. If a national holiday falls on a Friday, then checks will be ready Monday after 4:30pm. Direct deposit is available to all employees at no cost to employee.


Establishment and maintenance of a safe work environment is the shared responsibility of the employer and employees from all levels of the organization. The employer will attempt to do everything within its control to assure a safe environment and compliance with federal, state, and local safety regulations. Employees are expected to obey safety rules and to exercise caution in all their work activities. They are asked to immediately report any unsafe conditions to their supervisor. Not only supervisors, but employees at all levels, are expected to correct unsafe conditions as promptly as possible.


The following benefits are available to all full-time employees after their probationary period. Those benefits marked with a * may have additional qualifications.
Some benefits require employee contributions.

  • Bereavement Leave
  • Employee Discounts
  • Holidays
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Pre-paid legal services
  • Vacation Benefits*
  • 401K Retirement*

Employee Health Programs*

Employees who are unable to report to work due to illness or injury should notify their supervisor no less than (1) hour prior to the scheduled start time of their shift. A notification can be made via text, if you do not receive a response within 5 minutes of sending the text you must call, do not assume the text was received. If you have any responsibilities that are required for that day’s operation or client expectations that cannot be delayed you must speak to someone to make sure they are covered. Hourly employees will be paid as 7 hours; part time employees do not receive paid sick days. The supervisor should also be

Sick/ Personal Days (Paid time off PTO)

The company provides (3) sick /or personal days per year per full time employee. Employees begin to accrue sick leave benefits after (90) days of employment. The supervisor should also be contacted for each additional day of absence. If an employee is absent for 3 or more consecutive days due to illness, a physician’s statement must be provided verifying the nature of the sickness and/or disability and the beginning and expected ending dates. An employee must provide a physician’s verification that he or she may safely return to work if 3 consecutive days are missed. In the event an employee has exceeded their paid time off including vacation or sick days and they call out or miss a scheduled work day that was NOT previously approved the missed day will be considered an unexcused absence. Two (2) unexcused absences in a (90) day period will result in disciplinary action.

Holidays Paid holidays this organization recognizes the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • July 4th
  • New Years Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day

Only those employees who are full time and past their probation period receive paid holidays, salary employees will be paid their normal rate of pay. In the event a listed vacation day falls on a weekend, at company’s discretion, they may elect to close early or completely on an alternate day. Any surplus hours or days will appear as a floating holiday to be used under the same guidelines of personal days. An un- excused absence the day prior or after a paid holiday will result in the forfeit of the compensation for the holiday off for the paid holiday.

Religious Days Company Is Open

Any employee can request a religious day off without pay if given proper advance notice or employee may wish to use a vacation day or personal days, when available, if they wish to be paid.

Bereavement Time

If an employee wishes to take time off due to a death of an immediate family member, the employee should notify his or her supervisor immediately. Unpaid time off will be granted to allow the employee to attend the funeral and make necessary arrangements associated with the death.
An employee may, with the supervisor’s approval, use any available vacation or personal time to apply towards paid bereavement time. The employer defines “immediate family” as the employee’s spouse, parent, child, sibling; the employee’s spouse’s parent, child, or sibling; the employee’s child’s spouse; grandparents or grandchildren.

Vacation Benefits

Full-time employees will be entitled to (1) work week of vacation benefits following the first year of employment (12 calendar months). This company automatically resets vacation benefits on January each year. If you started after January on your 12 month anniversary your vacation benefits will be prorated, but will not be upon the reset for the following year. After (2) years, this would be on your third year of working for the company since you need to complete one year for one week, you will receive (2) weeks of paid vacation. After 5 years you will receive 1 day for each additional year.

The following example has been provided to assist in explanation:

  • Jane Doe Starts January in 2015
  • On 1/1/16 Eligible 1 business week vacation on 1/1/17 Eligible 2 business week vacation
  • Jane Doe Starts April in 2015 on 1/1/16 Eligible 0 days
  • On 4/1/16 Eligible 4 days (5 days divided by 12 months is .4166 which is the prorated amount per month. Since there is 9 months left of the year we multiple .4166 x 9 and round up for the employees’ advantage)
  • On 1/1/17 Eligible 2 business week vacation

By doing this formula we understand it does get an employee their 2 weeks and senior days slightly earlier but we adopt it for simplicity in everyone’s vacation restarting on January of each year.
No employee shall be able to have more than 3 weeks of vacation days in a given year, this includes carry over days but excludes floating holidays, deferred hours worked and sick or personal days.

Carry Over Days

You may carry over up to two vacations, sick, floating vacation or personal days from one year to the next. Full-time hourly employee’s vacation rate will be computed via average weekly pay over the previous four week period or an average of 7 hours per day. Employees who satisfied all eligibility requirements may verbally discuss vacation requests with their supervisors. Requests will be evaluated based upon various factors, including anticipated operating requirements, and staffing considerations during the proposed period of absence. Once a verbal authorization is given it MUST be requested in writing via electronic request from our schedule system. At the time of this code book we use When I Work for this service.

Deferred Hours

Any hourly employee may request with bookkeeping, prior to payroll processing, overtime hours to be deferred. These hours will be added to the PTO section of your check and be refigured at regular hours. For example, if Jane Doe works (10) overtime hours and wishes to not be paid at the time of working them, Jane will see (15) deferred hours on her check available to be taken by Jane Doe anytime in the future.

Deferred hours are property of the employee and never expire until used. Upon termination any un used deferred hours will be paid in full on employees final check. This policy is established to assist hourly employees with the ability to balance their compensation throughout the year due to the seasonal nature of our business. Employees may also use deferred hours as additional days off paid, upon approval.

How To Request Days Off

Vacations should be requested in writing via our schedule system When I Work with the following time notice:

  • 3 or more consecutive days- 3 months prior
  • 2 consecutive days- may be submitted 30 days prior
  • Single days- may be requested 2 weeks prior
  • Emergency Personal & Sick Days- If employee has them available, 1 hour prior to scheduled time.

DO NOT MAKE PLANS until approval has been given for vacation. Vacation approvals during our season are very rare and limited so allow additional notice, season can be confirmed with management.
It is the employee’s responsibility to verify the vacation, sick/personal days on their paycheck are accurate. We will only audit one pay period so please check each pay check. Should an employee be terminated or resign there will be no financial benefit for any unused vacation or sick days.

401K Retirement

All full-time employees are eligible for this benefit after 12 months of service. A letter will automatically be sent to you via our payroll service upon eligibility for you to enroll. Should you not receive notification please inform the bookkeeper. Company will determine each year what contribution will be. There are different annual contribution methods that may be chosen.

A Specific Match- Company will match dollar for dollar a specific percentage based on employee’s contribution amount.
B. Discretionary Contribution- The company will continue to pay to maintain the program. However, the company contribution amount will be that of a discretionary amount to be determined prior to tax filing for said year. This can be either a bulk amount to be distributed or a percentage. The payroll company will figure the amount per employee under federal guidelines.
C. Non-Contribution For Said Year- The company will continue to pay to maintain the program. All administration of 401K is provided by our payroll company to maintain protection of the plan and to
comply with Federal guidelines.

Employee Purchases

Employees may purchase studio shootings, portraits or other items we offer at a discounted rate. An employee who’s parent, sibling or child is having an event or a close family member is having an event can see Wayne Labush or Alex Anta prior to them coming in for additional discounts for the services we provide. This must be addressed prior to them sitting with an event specialist and the employee of the company must make us aware of it not the client.

Jury Duty

All full time employees shall be entitled to be paid while serving jury duty for a maximum of 5 business days. Employee will ONLY be paid if:
They provide company with notice of jury duty 7 business days or more prior to the date to serve with a copy of the summons. Failure to do so will forfeit pay. If employee fails to notify in the time stated company will still permit time off as unpaid.

If selected for jury duty they must provide company with court paper work that shows; they were selected for jury duty, the start date of the trial, the end date of the trial. Employee must return to work immediately following the release from trial. Failure to provide this information will forfeit pay from company for time off.

Qualification Of Health Benefits

A qualified full-time and eligible employee is one who works 35 or more hours per week on average (this does not include part-time employees who receive additional hours on a “temporary basis”). Qualification requires (60) days of full time employment with the company. This follows your (90) day probationary period. Fifty percent (50%) of employee’s medical insurance is paid by the company. Any spouses or children that employee chooses to enroll will be paid (100%) by employee. All deductions will be withdrawn from employees pay check on a weekly basis. This benefit is that of a voluntary level, any employee can choose to withdraw at any time. To enroll in our health program, a written request and application must be given (30) days prior to the date you wish coverage to begin. You should receive your insurance card prior to your requested start date. Health insurance enrollment is done once a year with our open enrollment upon policy renewal, please verify this date with your supervisor. If an employee becomes eligible prior to the annual enrollment they may join at that time. Some life altering circumstances may make you eligible after open enrollment; these can be verified with our insurance agent. From time to time company may allow employees to vote on our policy for the year. If a vote is taken from those participating company will go with the majority rules theory. Certain federal guidelines may require circulars or memos from the company as these laws change from time to time. Such memos will reflect a change in our policy.

Qualification Of Other Elective Benefits

Various benefits such as dental and pre paid legal services are available to all employees after their 90 day probationary period. Full-time and part time employees may participate in pre-negotiated group discount rates for these programs. Employer is not responsible for additional contributions to such programs.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

The use of over-the-counter drugs and legally prescribed drugs is permitted as long as they are used in the manner for which they were prescribed and provided that such use does not hinder an employee’s ability to safely perform his or her job. Employees should inform their supervisor if they believe their medication will impair their job performance, safety or the safety of others, or if they believe they need a reasonable accommodation when using such medication.

Company will not tolerate employees who report for duty while impaired by the use of alcohol or drugs. All employees should report evidence of alcohol or drug abuse to their supervisor. In cases in which the use of alcohol or drugs creates an imminent threat to the safety of persons or property, employees are required to report the violation. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

As a part of our effort to maintain a workplace free of substance abuse, employees may be asked to submit to a medical examination and/or clinical testing for the presence of alcohol and/or drugs. Within the limits of federal, state, and local laws, Company reserves the right to examine and test for drugs and alcohol at our discretion.

Simple Office Rules

  • All staff must enter and exit from front door.
  • If an office door is shut and blinds are closed please DO NOT KNOCK, Text the individual. ONLY IF it is URGENT, if the door is cracked or blinds are open you may knock for any question.
  • No food is to be thrown away in office garbage’s with the exception of the kitchen.
  • Smile and be professional at all times.
  • If you are the last to leave you must turn off all air, lights and check every door prior to setting alarm.
  • Never tell someone you will call them back and not do it, preferably that day if not then within 24 hours.
  • Always answer the phone if you hear more than four rings, unless you do not know how to transfer to voice mails.
  • Always ask someone in the waiting area if someone is helping them.
  • Consultation and conference rooms must be left in order that they were found in without removing any materials.

The conduct of our staff is a direct reflection on the company as a whole. It is sometimes difficult to explain why certain policies are implemented without going into great detail. It should be understood that an item an individual may think is not an issue can have a tremendous ripple effect on the business and reputation of the company. There are many eyes on our office at any given time. Although difficult to meet every person’s expectation, these policies have been set up after years of trial and error, and for the most part, you should exceed most people’s expectations. We entrust you, the employee, to follow our rules so we achieve the respect and professionalism that we strive for. Some of the policies are trivial and simple common sense but need to be addressed.

Meetings & Acceptable Policies To Conduct Meetings:

  • Meeting Leader will advise attendees of planned start and ending time of meeting; either on calendar or verbally at beginning of meeting
  • Meeting Leader will advise either on calendar or verbally at beginning of meeting the purpose of the meeting
  • There are no side conversations – only one person at a time should be speaking
  • Attendees at meetings will bring a method to write notes
  • At end of meeting there will be an open forum for new business

No one is to interrupt meeting

If there is an emergency and someone outside meeting cannot assist you may text the person inside and they may step out or you can interrupt, apologize for the interruption and privately address your emergency.

Dealing with clients

In front of clients please use the terminology “guest” rather than “client”. At all times, your conduct should be seen as professional. In our business, we are dealing with people’s most important days of their lives. Not only are expectations high but the stress level is even higher. Our conduct as professionals should make it clear that they need not worry about our abilities. We should reassure the client that they are dealing with professionals.
Your conduct should never be considered rude, short, or demeaning. If you are professional and polite with our clients throughout their entire planning of their event, they will praise you to their friends and family, allowing more work for the future. Clients are our life line; they can make you or brake you. If they are not happy, they can and will tell people to stay away from us. Please keep in mind; bad news travels faster than good news. You can upset someone and lose 10 future clients, but you have to please someone 10 times to get 1 future client; it is just a fact of life, please keep this in mind even when dealing with the most difficult people. We, as a company, subscribe to various professional organizations that reflect our fields. This also gives us the obligation of professional ethics.

At all times, you must be overly nice to new clients. It is a proven fact that 60% of people make their decision to use a company before they even step foot through the door. If we go that extra step on the phone, then in return, we will stand out in their head. If you do not know a particular question, do not lie to them. The consumer is more educated on services than ever. New clients should NEVER be on hold for more than (1) minute. If you cannot help them, then take their number and tell them that someone will call them back. If you put a new client to voice mail, chances are, they will hang up. When you take their number you are responsible to make sure they are called ASAP. If we tell someone something and do not do it we will probably lose the sale. When calls come in; A PROBLEM IS PRIORITY (1), NEW CLIENTS ARE PRIORITY (2),NO CLIENT SHOULD EVER FEEL THEY ARE NOT IMPORTANT. THESE PEOPLE PAY ALL OF OUR SALARIES. Nothing else should be addressed before this order.

In the event a current client has a problem, it is still possible to continue to have them love us and refer us. This all boils down to how you handle them. You must bend over backwards and make sure they know it. Make it clear to them that problems are rare. If there is a problem, we do not ignore it. We address it, and correct it QUICKLY. We give them call backs when we say we will and must give them complete answers.

Whether you are dealing with new or old client we have a zero-tolerance policy on telling someone you will do something at a certain time and not completing it. We require all staff to keep efficient notes. You must time stamp and log notes to every conversation in the computer. If you cannot have a task, call, or project completed for a client, you MUST contact the client or turn the task over to someone who can do it, and then inform the client of the new person handling it.

Just keeping people informed can go a long way!

Promising Items and Delivery Dates If a client is promised an item by a date the person who promised that date IS PERSONALLY responsible to stay on top of said item and report it to a supervisor, with enough time to correct the problem, if it seems it might be late.

Computer Entries

Anyone who speaks to any client for any reason is required to place notes into the client account in regards to what was discussed. This note must also identify time, date, who client spoke to and what was the outcome of the conversation. Notes should be short and to the point using abbreviations. Our inner office communication is the “reminders’ section of each account. This section is a tool to keep everyone informed and on point ALL employees are encouraged to use this section. Without this communication and tracking there is the potential of major problems for our infrastructure. This system allows us to not only communicate internally to avoid bothering staff for questions but allows us to let clients know we have it together.

How we deal with client’s “guests” Anytime someone is in a room with any customer they are not to be bothered unless they request it or there is a emergency that cannot wait. We are NOT to refer to people as clients in front of them or if other people are around. If you see a guest in the office make eye contact and smile, if you see them on a tour throughout the facility try to walk behind and not in front of them.

Accepting Money

Any money received must be logged and tracked. The cash in log sheet up front should have all invoices with credit card, cash, or check attached to it. The front counter person will then log in payment place it in the proper area. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED to charge any client credit cards unless it is entered into the log at front counter the same time it is run. DO NOT put the payment into Event Manger until you have the credit card approval slip. This is a very important checks and balances.

Theft Policy

In the event of workplace theft this company does prosecute and the police will be called. Any employee reporting or catching theft will receive 50% of all monies collected from prosecution of the individual.

Bonus Policy

This company does not guarantee annual employee bonuses. Contingent on operations and the success of the year the company may decide to provide a bonus. A determination if a bonus will be paid out for the year will be determined by 12/5 of each year. If any employee, based on a structured employment agreement, or has a pre-established bonus structure based on goals, qualifies for their agreed bonus the annual bonus paid will be either the discretionary or the pre-structured, the greater of the two. If an employee has a structured bonus and did not make their goal this will not exclude them from the discretionary bonus paid.

Clients Picking Up Items (pictures, videos, equipment)

If you are at the front counter and can assist the client, then please do. If you are not able to help get someone who can by paging out DO NOT LEAVE THE COUNTER ALONE. NOTHING can leave the office without being noted in computer signed and paid for unless an administrative authorization is given. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE..

Giving Prices And Quotes On The Phone & Terminology

If you are not in sales, do not handle these questions AT ALL! We DO NOT call our sales staff sales people. Please always refer to them as event specialist. In addition, we do not refer to our client as customers or clients they are GUESTS.

Sales Team Commissions

Sales staff is required to keep efficient records on all sales that are commissionable. Any contracts that are (6) months or older when turned in will not be commissionable. Company may from time to time offer promotions or specials that are non-commissionable, in these cases if sales person upgrades client significantly then sale may become commissionable and should be addressed with the Director of Sales on a case by case basis. A commission will not be paid if an original contract is not signed with the correct deposit paid. Each contract should be in it’s own individual folder. Any commissions that are a split must be noted at time of commission. Any contracts that are not turned in prior to your termination or last day of work, will become property of the company with no commission due. It is the event specialist’s responsibility to turn in their spread sheet with the contract folder Monday prior to payroll to the director of sales to sign off on to process

Sales Team Structured Bonuses

If an event specialist surpasses their sales from the prior year 1/2 a percent will be paid at the end of year on total sales. This number will not include house accounts which are non-commissionable. A split sale between two people will count as it’s full amount split equally, for example a $2,000 sale will count as $1,000 for each event specialist. Bonuses may be paid out over a 60 day period.

Sales Team Following Up

If you take the time to meet with a client or speak with them on the phone you must call them to follow up 10 days or less from your contact. We are all busy but this should only take an extra 5 minutes out of your day, if you do it once a week in the morning it will make a difference for everyone. Following up in 10 business days or less is a REQUIREMENT you must note the date time of the follow-up on the original welcome sheet the client filled out when they came in. After you follow-up once if you have not heard back from them or have not been in continued contact this lead MUST be turned over to the Director of Sales to follow-up with. The sooner this is done the better chance of the client booking with us. This will not necessarily remove you from the sale. Only if the client requests to deal with someone else will it be turned over to someone else. Otherwise the Director of Sales will reestablish the relationship and turn it back over to you.

Sales Team Thank You Cards

After any event specialist meets with a new client, you are required to send them a thank you card either digitally or via mail with a note. On the original welcome sheet or in the computer mark the date the Thank You was sent.

Forfeiture Of Commission or Claw Back

Company may in whole or in part refuse to pay or claw back commission if a sales person is determined to not be maintaining their client properly. Which includes but is not limited to, return their calls, issue necessary information, assuring appropriate internal departments are aware of the sale and have the correct information, and or pricing sale accordingly under company guidelines.

Key Holders

It is understood that those who receive keys have a tremendous amount of responsibility. Employees with keys are not permitted in the office after the office closes unless prior consent is given. No copies of keys are permitted to be made unless consent is given prior. If someone is found in possession of extra keys or making copies of keys this can be reason for immediate termination. In the event you lose your key, you are obligated to notify an owner immediately. You agree to pay any fees associated to changing locks, company may choose to assist with these fees. As a key holder you are given a personal alarm code. This allows us to see who gained entry in the office and when. You are not permitted to give out your alarm code.

Damage To Equipment

In the event company equipment is damaged due to normal wear and tear or a simple accident employee will not be held liable to damage if reported immediately to a supervisor. If damage is a result of negligence and company is told then employee can be held liable for 50% of the repair. In the event damage is a result of negligence and company is not told, the employee can be held liable for 100% of the damage.

Company Vehicles

These terms apply to company owned vehicles and or any vehicle company rents. Company vehicles are not to be taken home unless arranged prior. When parking company vehicles at the office they must be backed up with all doors locked & in view of video camera when loaded with equipment. When empty they may be parked in other areas near the back. In the event you are in an accident in vehicle you must first call for medics if anyone is injured, then the police, and then the office or manager on call. In the event the accident is your fault, the most you will be liable for is our deductible. This is on a per case basis.

  • There is No Smoking Permitted in Company Vehicles
  • Company vehicles cannot be used for personal use unless pre-authorization is given.
  • At no time can you ever drink or use any controlled substance when driving a company vehicle, even if you feel it does not affect you. This rule is for 18 hours prior to driving.
  • You are not permitted to allow others to drive company vehicles unless agreed to prior.
  • You may not text or dial the cell phone while driving a company vehicle.
  • You may not speed.

How to tell people where you work or what you do.

If you have a specific title or job responsibility you are more then welcome to share it with them. Due to the diversity of our business, and various divisions, we understand some people may not have the perfect explanation. Here is a great general answer: I work for “division you represent” which is part of a much larger family of companies in the event industry. We produce all kinds of events for 30 years.


Leaving Office For An Event:

Should an employee have responsibilities that are crucial to our operations they will need to confirm that events and or operations will not be affected prior to leaving the office for an event, the employee needs to be proactive to make sure there are no issues and communicate to the proper people in the office. Should the employee fail to meet their responsibilities and leave for an event company may determine to not extend during the week events to the employee on a temporary or permanent basis.

Coming Into Office Day After Working an Event:

If your event is over 11pm or earlier you will be expected to show up the next day for your scheduled time.

If your event is over after 11pm you can show up :30 minutes to 1 hour later, the company is accepting of coming in later then 1 hour later if you ended extra late and you communicated it prior. This is contingent on the amount of work from strike and or region of event. In order to take advantage of this you MUST communicate this the DAY PRIOR to your supervisor and have it noted on the schedule. If you DO NOT communicate it we will assume you are showing up at your originally scheduled time.

Photographers, Videographers, Entertainers, Setup and Strike Crew

The conduct of our staff is a direct reflection on the company as a whole. It is sometimes difficult to explain why certain policies are implemented without going into great detail. It should be understood that a item an individual thinks is not that big of a deal can have a tremendous ripple effect on the business and reputation of the company. There are many eyes at an event with many opinions including catering staff who refers us, the client, and the guest that is having an upcoming event. Although difficult to meet every person’s expectation these policies have been setup after years of trial and error and for the most part you should exceed most people’s expectations. We entrust you, the employee, to follow our rules out of respect and professionalism that we strive for. As the professional you are we should hope some of the policies are trivial and already being followed as simple common sense.

At NO TIME, even if the client offers, can our staff drink ANY alcoholic beverages. We also do not allow non alcoholic beers for the simple reason clients can not tell the difference. Juices and sodas are permitted. Alcoholic drinks are also not permitted after an event on the property the event took place at. Staff cannot eat unless client or caterer invites us. You are permitted to check with caterer to see if arrangements have been made for the staff to eat. This should not affect your work. The client is paying us to do a job for them.

Dealing with clients

At all times your conduct should be seen as professional. At our events we are dealing with peoples most important days of their lives. Not only are expectations high but the stress level is even higher. Our conduct as professionals should make it clear that they need not worry about our abilities. We should reassure the client that they are dealing with professionals. Your conduct should never be considered rude, short, or demeaning. In the event there are several people giving you orders, we know this can be an impossible situation. Very politely, we do encourage finding the host or hostess and explain you will be happy to do whatever they need but they need to choose one person for you to answer to so you may effectively do your job.

The fact of the matter is in many circumstances even if your job was not the best you have done if you are professional with the client throughout the entire event they will praise you to their friends and family allowing more work for the future. We subscribe to all professional organizations that reflect our fields this also gives us the obligation of professional ethics. Please abide by it. For all of our services we require our staff to periodically speak with the client throughout the event. The items listed below must be done to effectively perform your service to company standards.


  • Before finishing shots at house, temple, church, or after ceremony make sure to ask the CLIENT is there any shots you wanted taken that we did not do. We have learned occasionally the best of us do forget or make a simple mistake. This allows us to put the ball in the client’s court and give us a great opportunity to correct problems for the future.
  • If there was a reason a shot was not done or a problem, note it on your spec sheet.
  • Before you leave the event ask client if they can think of anything else they wanted shot.
  • You must sign off on a procedures form


  • Confirm events before you do them with room captain, photographer and or videographer.
  • Verify with client throughout event that they are happy.
  • Last hour of event ask client if they can think of anything else they wanted done or played.

Dealing with those under the influence

As in any social situation there are those that get out of hand with their liquor. This is a very touchy situation because you do not know how close this person is to the client, or even worse: if the client is the person under the influence. First analyze the situation if your contact is the person that is under the influence then find a substitute contact. A second in charge and let them know the situation, ONLY if it inhibits you from performing your job. Make sure to let the caterer know before letting the client know, they have certain liabilities with serving alcohol. Before these routes are taken we recommend killing them with kindness. If it does not inhibit your job just leave it alone.

Dealing with catering directors and room captains

Lets start by saying these people are our life line. They can make you or brake you and us. They can and will tell all their clients to use us if we are their favorite. In the same token they can and will tell people to stay away from us. They also talk to other caterers. Please keep in mind bad news travels faster than good news. You can upset someone and lose 10 future clients. But you have to please someone 10 times to get 1 future client. It’s just a fact of life, please keep this in mind even when dealing with the most difficult people.

If you have an opportunity to help out a caterer, they do appreciate it. For example if there is a seat short at a table and you notice it before the client does, tell the caterer before telling the client.
Dealing with other staff Although this is one of the hardest things to do we cannot begin to explain how important it is. Whether all services are booked from us or just a couple, one of the keys to standing out is working with the other staff, not against them. Entertainers should alert the photographer & videographer before any formal events are done. Videographers and photographers should be aware of each other when doing their shots. They should also let entertainers know if they are taking client away for an extended period of time.

Business Cards

It is agreed and understood that only cards with the phone number of the division you are representing will be given out. Cards can be supplied to you at no charge with your name on them. A violation of this will result in forfeiture of your pay for that event and potential termination.


As in life first impressions are everything. There are many people that judge your appearance at event including other companies. Your attire should be professional and appropriate for the event. When setting up you be in company approved branded clothes.

Appearance of Equipment

Whether photo, video, or dj, appearance of equipment is essential. A professional clean look is what we strive for. Keep all extension cords either taped down or out of sight. Equipment should not have gray duct tape holding it together. If tape is needed, use black. All wires should be neatly kept without a ball of tangled wires.

Personal Equipment

Those employees that use their personal equipment should understand that we expect all services to have backup equipment at the event. In the event your equipment goes down or is not functional please let us know we will be happy to supply you with loaner equipment (prior to event if available). At no time should equipment visibly have company or individual names.

Damage To Equipment

In the event company equipment is damaged due to normal wear and tear employee will not be held liable to damage but must notify company. If damage is a result of negligence and company is told, the employee can be held liable for 50% of the repair unless gross negligence or complete incompetence was used and a higher amount may be determined. In the event damage is a result of negligence and company is not told employee can be held liable for 100% of the damage.

Company Equipment In Transport

It is understood that equipment issued from the company shall remain the sole property of the company. Said equipment can not be used for personal events or uses unless pre-agreed by company. Employee assumes the responsibility for the safe handling of equipment. All cameras, videos, or still images, must be brought in not left in car. All music, paper work, and payments, must also be brought in and not left in car. Employee assumes personal liability if these items are left in car and stolen based on employee’s negligence. In the event of a theft the police must be called first followed by the office.

Company Vehicles

These terms apply to company owned vehicles and or any vehicle company rents. Company vehicles are not to be taken home unless arranged prior. When parking company vehicles at the office they must be backed up with all doors locked & in view of video camera when loaded with equipment. When empty they may be parked in other areas near the back. In the event you are in an accident in vehicle you must first call for medics if anyone is injured, then the police, and then the office or manager on call. In the event the accident is your fault, the most you will be liable for is our deductible. This is on a per case basis. There is No Smoking Permitted in Company Vehicles. Company vehicles cannot be used for personal use unless pre-authorization is given. At no time can you ever drink or use any controlled substance when driving a company vehicle, even if you feel it does not affect you. This rule is for 18 hours prior to driving. You are not permitted to allow others to drive company vehicles unless agreed to prior. You may not text or dial the cell phone while driving a company vehicle.


Still Image & Video Rights

Company will have the sole and exclusive right to all reproductions and material captured on film video or any other media. In the event such footage is used on a national basis, with the exception of advertising and or promotion, at companies’ discretion and when applicable the photographer/ videographer will receive credit along with company for said work. In the event any royalties are paid on such footage company will agree to have an equal split of such royalties with said photographer/ videographer. All entertainers give the company the right to use their likeness for the purposes of marketing and promotions.

Reasonable Care

It is agreed that employee shall treat all film, video and media material with reasonable care to be defined as follows. No items will be stored in vehicle once image is captured on it. It is agreed that media will be turned in less than (3) days from date of event. The safe keeping of said items should be in company issued bag or brown manila envelopes on your possession at all times until you get home, this includes NOT leaving media in car even to pay for gas. All footage should be stored in a cool dry environment. In the event there was problem with any of your equipment you will let us know immediately.


Liability for employees is limited to the non-payment for the service. In the event an extreme failure of equipment could result in lawsuit against company employee agrees to re-shoot said footage if needed.


Individual Agreements

Any employee that has a confidential and specialty agreement regarding events understands that their agreement in place overrides conflicting information in this section.

Rate of pay for Entertainers

Entertainers are paid on up to a 5 hour block. If event is pre booked for overtime the each additional hour will be paid $50. In the event entertainer goes overtime that is not pre booked a split will occur. Fifty (50%) of overtime will go to company and 50% will be paid out equally to entertainers. If event is considered a one-man setup, than an additional $25 will be paid to entertainer. If entertainer uses their personal vehicle to transport company equipment an additional $50 will be paid for first event and additional $25 for each additional event. Overtime must be confirmed and agreed with client. Staff does not get paid until client pays overtime.

Rate of pay for Photographers & Videographers

Overtime booked day of event is split equally between staff & company. Staff does not get paid until client pays overtime. Overtime must be confirmed and agreed with client. Pre-booked overtime will be paid a rate of $50 per hour. Both photo and video shoots occurring during office hours within a reasonable distance of office will count as regular pay as part of your normal office paycheck. Overtime must be confirmed and agreed with client.

Away Events Specialty staff

(Talent Photographers, Videographers) when in state, employee will be paid additional for road trip events at the rate of a flat $75 when in the State of Florida. A in State road trip event will be one that is significantly farther than our office, typically this will be more than one and 1⁄2 hours driving time and if over 90 miles. This will not apply if a staff member is getting their standard pay but working significantly less, for example, a photographer or videographer is paid for 6 hours of shoot but actually only worked 4 hours or if the employee travel time falls within their standard work hours and they are being compensated already for that. Any away events that require air transportation or are a road trip that exceeds 400 miles of office will have staffs base rate of pay multiplied by a minimum of 50% in some cases a flat rate may be paid dues to budget restraints for the event, if so employee and company will discuss prior to event

Hourly Staff IN STATE (Set Strike, Models, Other)

Additional flat rate compensation will be paid additional for in State road trip events at a rate to be pre-determined prior to event when in the State of Florida. A in State road trip event will be one that is significantly farther than our office, typically this will be more than one and 1⁄2 hours driving and at least 90 miles. This will NOT apply if employee is hourly and is being paid on the clock for the travel time.

Per Diem

Additional money at the rate of $20-$50 per day, contingent on region , will be paid directly to staff for food, when doing any away events that require an overnight stay or company may choose to pay for all meals as a group in lieu of $25-$50 per day.


Company will supply reliable transportation to event. All gas and tolls will be paid by company along with transportation and lodging. In the event staff elects to drive personal vehicle rather than company chosen transportation no additional money will be paid unless company has not offered transportation, in this case a flat fee of $40 per day will be paid for use of staff’s transportation.

Extra Pay, Holidays

On New Years Eve staff’s pay will increase by a minimum of 50% if employee is working past 10pm. Christmas, New Years Day, July 4th and Thanksgiving will have negotiated prices agreed prior to working. Labor and Memorial day may not have additional pay if client did not pay a holiday premium.

General Set & Strike Labor Attire & (4) Hour Minimum

Unless instructed otherwise, set and strike labor should wear grey or black cargo shorts or black jeans with the appropriate shirt for the division. Base 4 hours rates will be paid for labor under the following conditions:

  • Setup or strike is after 7pm
  • Setup or strike occur on a weekend
  • If you live :45 minutes or more from the set/strike location (If you qualify for either of the listed and are not excluded as listed below, it is a DAY total not per occurrence unless clarified with company prior to.)

Excluded from this are the following situations:

  • If you are working in the office that day and have already received enough hours equal or greater to 4 hours.
  • You are a technician on an event and getting a tech rate to be there already or we have established a flat rate for that day or event.
  • You are being compensated for that event in another capacity that exceeds the hourly rate.
  • This policy is not setup for the company to be taken advantage of but rather to make sure someone gets fair pay for work above and beyond and are not at a disadvantage for quick 1 or two hours of work during off hours or days. Company resets the day at midnight.


Gratuities remain the sole property of staff. Company will have no claim to such gratuities. All gratuities paid to entertainers will be split equally among entertainers. All gratuities paid to photographer or videographer will be the sole property of said worker. These policies will be over written if client specifically requests money to be split or if not specified company will determine. In the event gratuity is paid via a credit card there will be a minimal processing fee between 3% & 5% depending on type of card.

Failure to follow company policies may result in disciplinary actions. Our company disciplinary policy is outlined below.

Disciplinary action at Elegant Occasions is intended to fairly and impartially correct behavior and performance problems early on and to prevent reoccurrence.
Disciplinary action may involve any of the following: verbal warning, written warning, suspension with or without pay, and termination of employment, depending on the severity of the problem and the frequency of occurrence. Elegant Occasions reserves the right to administer disciplinary action at its discretion and based upon the circumstances.

Elegant Occasions recognizes that certain types of employee behavior are serious enough to justify termination of employment without observing other disciplinary action first. These violations include but are not limited to:

  • Workplace violence
  • Harassment
  • Theft of any kind
  • Vandalism or destruction of company property
  • Use of company equipment and/or company vehicles without prior authorization
  • Divulging Elegant Occasions business practices or any other confidential information

Options for consequences prior to termination:

  • Verbal Warnings
  • Written Warning (Given Notice to Avoid further actions)
  • Suspension

Grievance Procedure

A written statement as to the disagreement of the circumstance can be written up. A meeting can be escalated with one of the owners and the manager who did the write up along with the employee who was written up. The ONLY time that a grievance will be deemed accepted and write destroyed would be in the event of a manger being dishonest with the entire circumstance.

Confidentiality & Company Clients

The protection of the following information is considered trade secrets and or potential proprietary information, and thus, you are hereby notified of a non-disclosure of all this information. This non-disclosure includes not only your employment with the company but continues after your final day of employment. These items include, but are not limited to, client spec sheets, training materials, catering directors who refer us, the operations of the company, future plans of the company, computer programs, apps used by company, systems and or procedures, techniques, pricing data, policy books and manuals, marketing and advertising strategies both print and electronic, pending projects and proposals, suppliers of the company, clients of the company, along with any other items that could be considered confidential information. You hereby personally guarantee not to discuss this information. All said information will remain confidential. Employee will not directly or indirectly solicit business from, or attempt to sell, license or provide the same or similar products or services as are now provided to, any customer or client of company and will not directly or indirectly solicit, induce or attempt to induce any employee or client of Company to terminate his or her relationship with company. Clients and or relationships acquired over the term of employee’s employment will unconditionally remain clients of the company. Confidential items are the sole and exclusive right and property of the company and cannot be discussed with competitors or future competitors unless written authorization is given by the company. A liquidated damage amount of $10,000 per occurrence will be due from violator in the event of violation along with attorney’s fees. Any employee that during their employment is developing, cultivating, or an owner of a business that is a competitor of services company offers; will be considered in violation of this agreement by no less than 5 occurrences.

Any employees under non-compete agreements, employment agreements or additional confidentiality agreements understand that this document is in combination of those agreements and does not supersede them. In the event of conflict, employment or non-compete agreement will be the prevailing language.

At company’s discretion any policies listed can be changed. Any changes in policies will not be retroactive. They will override a current policy. Any changes that effect pay, commissions, or benefits will be given a minimum of a 10-day notice. It is agreed that employees shall treat all digital media, video, and all other company property with reasonable care. At no time can any company property be removed from premises without prior consent. Property includes, but is not limited to equipment, pictures, videos, and client information.

Updated 04/2020