Our journey

Our milestones and achievements

Started off as Party Doctors Mobile Disk jockeys in high school.
Purchased the first ambulance, 10 x 10 office, 1 self storage unit, 10 x 20 in Sunrise, FL
Moved to 3000 sq ft multi-use commercial space in Sunrise, FL. Employed 3 people and 10 contractors.
Acquisition of a A&A sound productions and record player. 3 months later, expansion of lighting and rental department spear headed by Alix Anta.
Moved to a prime 3000 sq ft office store front on University Drive in Sunrise, FL. Benchmark: 5 employees, 20 contractors offering sound and AV rentals, DJs and MC's, photography, videography, tuxedos, limousines, floral and invitations. Creation of productions brand.
Opened branch office in Fort Myers. Started marketing under the name Elegant Occasions and EO Studios.
Opened a branch office inside Signature Grand, Davie Florida. Acquisition of Apple Photo & Video. Purchased a photo lab, build out video editing bay, expanded current location to 5500 sq ft. Alex Anta left to do large concert and festival productions. Company diminished it's market to sound and lighting.
Moved to a 7000 sq ft custom built facility on Commercial blvd in Tarmac and took on an investment silent partner - Ed Guustafesta. Opened branch office in Naples, FL, New York, and Short Hills, New Jersey. Benchmark: Company has 12 full time employees, 35 contractors
Created the Forte Entertainment brand that recaptured the mitzvah market. Alex Anta comes back and buys out Ed Guustafesta's interest in the business. Becoming Wayne Labushs business partner.
Had first year of growth in 2 years. Benchmark: 18 full time employees and 50 contractors
Acquisition of Brides on a Budget. Rebranded as Affordable Affairs. Offering a more economical price in a declining economy.
Benchmark: Birth of Event Services Group now known as ESG. Acquisition of Full Throttle Entertainment. Moved to an 8000 sq ft facility in Coral Springs, FL naming the store front Event Services for the public to identify what the various companies inside provide. Created M Events, a novelty division. Joey Restive from Metropolis joined the company.
Benchmark: Birth of NES. Partners Phillmen and Betsy Bowers joined Event Services with Bowers Supplies and the brand Native Event Services was born.
Expanded current location and broke through 1 bay. This created an additional 2500 sq ft with a total of 10,500 sq ft.
Activation Experience for Miami Dolphins.
October Activation Experience for Hard Rock Hollywood Grand opening of Guitar Hotel.
February, 2020
Activation for Anheuser Busch at Super Bowl LIV hosted in Miami.
March, 2020
Kept Staff employed for 4 weeks during the COVID-19 virus. During this time we remodeled the office interior. Created a sub brand company called PPEGIFTS.com - proceeds from the sales to go to staff keeping jobs.
April, 2020
Consolidated and restructured all the companies inside of ESG to 4 divisions: Elegant Occasions, Motiv8 Events, NES, and Forte.
May, 2020
Launch of new ESG logo and branding for Elegant Occasions, Motiv8 Events, NES, and Forte.
June, 2020
Reopened doors to business, Keeping safe by asking staff and visitors to wear masks and taking temperatures We set up barriers between work stations, installed hand sanitizing dispensers throughout the office and cleaning commonly touched areas periodically while social distancing 6+ feet between people.

We are an award winning company

We have won various event awards over the past 30 years.